Summer Programs

Structuring International Joint Ventures

August 2018

This program is designed for experienced legal practitioners who wish to learn about complex international and U.S. business and legal transactions. Participants will acquire practical skills for representing their clients in international joint ventures. Daily classes consist of presentations by faculty followed by simulations of joint venture transactions, based on case studies. Participants will:

  • Learn contract negotiation skills
  • Discuss substantive issues and how these issues are incorporated into contractual language
  • Examine and analyze contract models
  • Learn about  dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration and litigation strategies as they relate to international joint ventures

Program Topics*

  • Structural Issues in an International Joint Venture
  • Financial Considerations in Multinational Transactions
  • Corporate Aspects of an International Joint Venture
  • Environmental Law and International Joint Ventures
  • Intellectual Property Issues in an International Joint Venture
  • Antitrust and Government Regulatory Issues in an International Joint Venture
  • Choice of Law and Dispute Resolution
  • Advanced Litigation Processes and Strategies

As part of the program, participants will discuss contract models and draft contract provisions, which will be evaluated by an experienced professional.

Participants can also engage in legal research through computer and library sources:

  • Online computer-based legal research (LexisNexis and Westlaw databases)
  • Law library
    • Treatises
    • Practitioner’s guides
    • Form books
    • Law firm
  • Computer-based research using in-house databases

* Topics subject to minor revision.


University of California law faculty, legal practitioners and business experts representing major California firms that perform international legal work.


August 2018

We strongly recommend enrolling at least eight weeks before the program start date to ensure adequate time for the local U.S. embassy in your country to process the necessary visa for entering the U.S. We have been informed by past participants that U.S. embassies in some countries can take from four-six weeks to process non-immigrant visas (student, business or tourist).

Structuring International Joint Ventures is offered every third year in rotation with two other specialized programs: Financing International Transactions (offered August 6-19, 2017) and The Global Trading System (offered August 2019). The Orientation in U.S.A. Law course is not a prerequisite for any of the specialized programs.


University of California, Davis, School of Law


  • Non-refundable application fee: U.S. $150
  • Academic tuition: To be determined.

^ Tuition and fees are subject to change.


  • All participants will receive a certificate of attendance if they attend class regularly. Participants who wish to take the course for credit can request an official transcript upon successful completion of course requirements and a final exam.
  • Four quarter units of academic credit may be applied toward the part-time summer International Commercial Law LL.M. and/or the Licentiate in International Transactions Involving the United States.
  • This seminar qualifies for continuing legal education (CLE) credit in New York and California.