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Summer International Commercial Law LL.M.

July 9-August 19, 2017

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A part-time degree program completed over two to five summers, the International Commercial Law LL.M. program is designed to provide specialized knowledge in international business and trade with an emphasis on the U.S. legal system in a comparative context. The program and schedule enable legal practitioners who wish to expand their breadth and depth of knowledge to obtain a master’s degree by attending six weeks of courses for two to five consecutive summers at the School of Law at University of California, Davis. This degree program is for international and domestic lawyers.


Classes of varying lengths are held throughout each summer from June to August. See page 3 of the brochure for a Sample Program of Courses for to complete this summer program from 2017-2019.


University of California, Davis, School of Law and off-site locations in the United States and abroad depending upon the course.


  • Nonrefundable application fee: $105 U.S. for U.S. citizens and permanent residents; $125 U.S. for international applicants.
  • Academic tuition and fees: Academic tuition is calculated on a per-unit basis. The Summer 2016 per-unit fee was $805.* Additional campus fees may be required. Housing and food costs for the six weeks are approximately $3,000-5,000 U.S., depending on the participant’s choice of housing.

*All fees are subject to the control of the UC Regents and California Legislature and may change without notice. Tuition and fees are posted on the Office of Budget & Institutional Analysis website.


You may begin to apply online in October for the following summer. The final date for receipt of complete online applications is June 1, 2017. To indicate interest after June 1 and before the program begins on July 10, please contact the LL.M. Admissions Office at or +1 (530) 752-6081.


The summer International Commercial Law LL.M. program is intended for working professionals. The program receives no financial support from the State of California. Fees reflect the full costs of administering the program. Generally, no federal or state financial assistance is available for international students through the program. Applicants are expected to have sufficient funds to cover their travel, living and educational expenses. Foreign students may wish to contact the U.S. embassy, consulate or Education Exchange Commission for information about Fulbright travel grants and other fellowship opportunities. In addition, students may want to explore private loans or other funding sources in their home countries. Qualified students may wish to explore loan information.


Candidates begin the International Commercial Law LL.M. by examining the fundamentals of the U.S. legal system with special emphasis on business and trade law. They complete the Orientation in U.S.A. Law program, two of the specialized programs in international commercial law, and the American Legal System Research Seminar. In addition, participants take intensive elective courses with an international perspective designed specifically for the master’s degree program. Students also complete a capstone writing project. Topics for courses include:

Core Courses (20 units minimum) # units 2017 2018 2019
Orientation in U.S.A. Law    7   X   X   X
Capstone Writing Project    4   X   X   X
American Legal System Research Seminar    1   X   X   X
Global Trading System: Substance and Dispute Resolution    4   X
Financing International Transactions    4   X
Structuring an International Joint Venture    4   X
Elective Courses (20 units mimimum) # units 2017 2018 2019
Licensing Academy in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer    4  X   X  X
Business Associations    4   X   X
Intellectual Property    2   X   X
Comparative Law    1   X   X
Antitrust    1   X   X
Securities    2   X
Private International Law    2   X
International Tax    2   X
International Business Transactions    2   X
NOTE: This calendar is subject to change, and additional electives may be offered.

Participants are required to complete 40 quarter units. Please note the calendar is subject to change, and additional electives may be offered.


The University of California, Davis School of Law exposes students to leading national and international legal scholars. Take a moment to get to know some of the King Hall faculty.


International applicants must submit satisfactory evidence of completion of a degree program or equivalent involving academic legal training at an accredited educational institution. Applicants from the United States must have completed a bachelors degree plus a J.D. LL.B., or equivalent degree from an accredited U.S. law school. A period of law practice or legal experience and/or advanced legal studies is preferred but not required.

A minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 (or equivalent) in undergraduate work is required.

All applicants whose primary language is not English are required to fulfill the English language requirement by submitting a TOEFL or IELTS score that meets the minimum required by the Office of Graduate Studies. Official TOEFL score reports must be sent from ETS electronically to UC Davis (our Institution Code is 4834). UC Davis will not accept unofficial score reports or score reports sent directly to us by the applicant. The minimum scores required for admission to graduate study at UC Davis are: 550 on TOEFL paper-based test (PBT), or 80 on the TOEFL Internet-based test (iBT), or 7.0 IELTS. Official paper score reports must be sent by mail directly from the IELTS testing center to the graduate program at our office.


You may begin to apply online in October. The Admissions Committee will review applications as soon as they arrive. June 1 is the final date for receipt of complete online applications. To apply after June 1 and before the program begins, please contact the LL.M. Admissions Office at The components of the application are:

  • Completed online application forms. The online application will be available by mid-October at: You will need to create a new user account. Select the application for International Commercial Law. You may pay the application fee with Visa or MasterCard through the secure online system. You may also pay via e-check. If you are not able to pay online, please send a bank draft directly to the ICL LL.M. Admissions Officer. The fee must be paid before the application will be considered complete.
  • Official transcripts from all universities attended. Please submit one official set of academic records (transcripts) issued in the original language and accompanied by a certified English translation. Academic records should show graded course work, dates of enrollment and award of degrees, plus a certified copy of the actual degree or state examination for all university and law school study. UC Davis requires academic records from each college-level institution you have attended. You will be instructed to upload scanned copies of your transcripts after you have submitted your online application.  For more details visit
  • Two letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically through the online application system. It is preferred that these letters come from the applicant’s current or former employers, bar colleagues or law professors.
  • Statement of Purpose: Indicate your reasons for seeking an advanced law degree from the UC Davis School of Law. This statement should include a description of how you intend to use your graduate training, your research or specialization interests, and a listing of any special qualifications or experiences you have which might make a distinctive contribution to the law school’s intellectual and professional community. If your decision to pursue graduate study at the School of Law is based on a desire to work with particular members of the faculty or to take particular courses, please indicate the names of the faculty or the courses in your statement.Personal summary: Please provide a brief account of your personal history with emphasis on the development of your interest in law. Include any academic distinctions or honors you have received, as well as publications or other matters indicative of your abilities. List relevant employment and/or other professional activities since your graduation from law school.
  • CV or resume.
  • Meeting the English Language Requirement: After you have submitted your application online, please download and complete the English Language Requirement form  and return it to the ICL LL.M. Admissions Officer by fax at +1 (530) 752-4704 or by email at  If submitting a TOEFL score, please request the ETS to send the Official Score Report to Institution Code 4778.

How to apply

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Mentoring Guidelines 

Add/Drop a course:

Add requests must be received by July 7, 2017.  Drop requests must be received no later than the second teaching day of class.  Students may add/drop a class with permission of the Graduate Adviser.


A refund request will be approved, if the request is received no later than July 11, 2017.


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