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Testimonials from more of our exceptional students:

Xing Han “The Orientation in U.S.A. law program is excellent. I just completed a master’s degree at the Shanghai Academy of Social Science and wanted to learn about international law. The professors here are very knowledgeable, and the staff are kind and helpful. I also had a chance to share cultures with students from around the world.”—Xing, LL.M. student (2013-2014), China



IMG_0214 Samsilah

“As an educational psychologist and director of the Tech Transfer Office at the University of Putra Malaysia, I wanted to understand the whole A-Z of tech transfer. This program exceeded my expectations. The professors all have experience in tech transfer and have been very engaging. The field trip to Silicon Valley was very good. The benefits of collaboration were evident in the team work of PIPRA, the UC Davis School of Law and Graduate School of Management. And I learned that scientists can have entrepreneurial skills. I want to share my experiences with my colleagues when I return to Malaysia, so we can expand our capacity. This was a very, very good effort on the part of UC Davis, particularly in helping developing countries achieve what you have in the United States. I am grateful for that.”—Samsilah, Licensing Academy student (2013), Serdang Selangor, Malaysia


Ravmeet Nagra “I enrolled in the summer Orientation in U.S.A. Law program, so I would be better prepared to start the LL.M. program in the fall. I want to learn how U.S. law firms work, so I can help clients through U.S. legal channels. The faculty are nice and make sure you understand everything. The staff are kind and warm hearted. “—Ravmeet, LL.M. program student (2013-2014), India



IMG_0210 Sarkis

“As an intellectual property attorney, I saw this program as a great opportunity to discover more about the approaches, strategies and specifics of U.S. development in tech transfer. What my country needs is to improve our infrastructure and become more innovative. The field trip to the Silicon Valley law firm was particularly important and informative. Armenians have good intellectual property laws, but we are weak in tech transfer and need infrastructure to support innovation. When I return to my country, I want to propose that government sign a cooperation agreement to allow tech transfer agreements. We have the research, but we need relevant infrastructure for our future.”—Sarkis, Licensing Academy student (2013), Yorevan, Armenia


IMG_0208 Patricia “In my position as an intellectual property officer at WIPO, I work with universities, primarily in developing countries, to foster relationships among investors and university researchers. The concept that scientists need to develop a more business-like approach to their work was eye opening. Scientists must learn to commercialize their research, and the Licensing Academy program thoughtfully presented and identified many issues. Although this model may not work in all countries, it can be adapted as scientists and businesses develop partnerships and learn to work collaboratively. The UC Davis Licensing Academy is certainly the place to be to learn to build these capacities in developing countries.”—Patricia, Licensing Academy student (2013), Geneva, Switzerland


CUPL 2013 - Hu Jia Ning “This program is impressive. The professors work hard to give students an outline of U.S. Law, and the staff are very helpful. The panel with current LL.M. and J.D. students was very useful. I enjoyed the trip to Lake Tahoe, where the water is so clear and fresh. I strongly recommend this rigorous program.”–Hu Jia, China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) student (2013)



romero “My father is a veterinarian in Spain, and he did a program at UC Davis when he was young, so he encouraged me to check out the School of Law. King Hall has excellent J.D. and LL.M. programs, so I came here. The level of discussion is high and the debates are really interesting. The program staff are great and they are always here to help. At Christmas, they sent each of us a card. These small details are really wonderful. They take us on field trips into the legal community and to experience California culture and history. Everyone in Davis smiles and the people here are happy. I hope to work in immigration law in the United States, or, if I work in Spain, my résumé will be very strong with UC Davis on it.”—Concepcion, Spain, LL.M. Program graduate (2013)


jun “The UC Davis School of Law is an excellent choice for people who want to be exposed to more challenging legal concepts. LL.M. students are truly part of the law school community here, and this motivated me to do my best and deeply learn the material. I have been able to choose the right specialization for me (patent law and patent prosecution). I am a father of two, so in researching LL.M. programs, I also needed to consider security and community for my family. Davis is perfect.”—YongJun, Korea, LL.M. Program graduate (2013)


tian “What I value most about UC Davis is its reputation. The LL.M. program has given me the opportunity to learn more than just law. I learned the culture here, the history and how other cultures think. I consider all of this so important in my future life and work, as well as the legal knowledge I gained here. We should try to understand people and societies as well as law.”—Feng, China, LL.M. Program graduate (2013)



dania “The LL.M. Program is perfect. The professors are outstanding, and they understand international students like us. Davis is a quiet town, which makes focusing on schoolwork easy. Also, living in the United States is its own kind of education. The King Hall building is beautiful and a great place to study and to engage with classmates and faculty. Professor Greenwood and the program staff welcomed us and are always here for us, educationally and personally, from the very first day. I don’t think you can find this kind of value at any other university. I will connect my education here to the reality in Saudi Arabia.”—Dania, Saudi Arabia, LL.M. Program graduate (2013)


Cecilia Do Nascimento “This was a great experience. The International Commercial Law program and instructors were excellent-very beneficial to my career as a contract attorney with Petrobras.” — Cecilia, International Commercial Law Seminar student (2012), São Paulo, Brazil